I have spent the last four years in college preparing for production of the radio/podcast Music Anatomy; an educational based audio-entertainment  program that discusses the origin, evolution, history, and myths of Popular Music, in much of the same respect that Radio Lab discusses science for the common listener, and uses stories, guests, and on location reporting to paint the wider picture.

Depending on budget, Music Anatomy could be up to 24+  presentations a year, at 52 minutes each (standard run time for NPR programming). The program would be hosted and produced by me John King with Will Oldham as Executive producer.  Depending on funding Dr. Lisa Foster is available as researcher/consultant.

Music Anatomy will have a new theme each week in rotating categories such as Histories of musical genres (Punk, Hip Hop, Folk, children's, etc.), Cultural Anthropology (Gender, Race, Sex, etc.), Geographic histories (such as New Orleans, Harlem, Bristol Tenn., etc.), specific personalities (such as Johnny Cash, David Bowie, Ronnie Spector, etc.) and impact (such as music as protest, as oral histories, and as cautionary tales).

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